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Hi, I just purchased a very nice original watercolor that is signed Franck. I looked that name up online and it seems to be from the Dutch painter Albert Franck. The painting measures 9" x 13" and is framed. Any idea if it is part of Albert Frank work and if so, where can I get an appraisal. Thanks in advance, Carola

Re; The watercolour.
Thank you for the enquiry Carola.

Might I ask, how you came by the painting and when exactly?

However; in order to avoid  the possibility of “barking” up the wrong tree as it were, it would be very helpful if you could also post the following good quality images;

1. - An overall image, of the back of the painting
2. - A  close up image  of the signature
I look forward to receiving the information, at your convenience.

Take care.

Final opinion/answer

Thank you for the addition information Carola.

There are a number of issues which need clarification;

After an extensive search and debate, I am  still not 100% sure of a definite attribution.
A great number of artists - and all, with just the name "Franck" have passed the review.
Having no date,or any initials and any other information available, presents a great number of pitfalls.

I have a suspicion that the artist might be Sigfried Franck; 1909-2006.
He was born in Maastricht in the Netherlands, but become a U.S. Citizen in 1945, after extensive travels.
He is somewhat obscure, and not a great deal is known of his works and travels.
During his journeys, he made various sketches, watercolours.
He made both urban, and landscape scenes.  

In order to establish beyond a doubt if it is an original, or just  a print of his works. Therefore,it might be a good idea to take it along to a local auction house, near to where you live.
There a brief, "hands on" examination will soon shed more light on the matter.

As to the depicted street scene itself, in all probability it is a scene from Rome, Italy.
It appears to be executed around, the late 1920-30's.
It is rather an accomplished watercolour, done by an artist who well understood that particular medium - when used in "cityscapes" and also the art of 2. point perspective.

It is not unusual for there to a very great many "unknown" artists out there, some may have a somewhat lower monetary value, but nonetheless are very decorative indeed.

I hope that I have shed a bit more light, on this particular painting. I wish you success, with the next stage of your quest.

Good luck, and take care.

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