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QUESTION: Dear Andrew,

I would appreciate your expertise help in determining the authenticity of this signed Durer. Your opinion on valuation would be appreciated.

With Sincere appreciation,


I have searched for this work in the Durer catalogue raisonnes but cannot locate this particular image.  In my opinion, this work looks to be a reproduction with little or no collectable value. I have never come across this particular piece nor have I seen a Durer print with coloring.  Most authentic Durer prints appear as those referenced on the attached link:

I hope that this information can be of some assistance. Should you desire another opinon, I recommend contacting Bonhams auctions at to see if they might be of further assistance.

Warm Regards,

Andrew Evans

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QUESTION: Dear Andrew,

I'm sorry, I meant to call this a coloured lithograpgh.
The German script at the top of the colored lithograph of Mary, is not complete but the translation is as follows:
Think of Mary in the expectant and state, there goes Mary to create the church.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on "96 pictures per page". Picture is shown twice on Page 3.

Google search by title shows more info.

I appreciate your time and will consider your recommendation.

Warm Regards,

Hi Ann,

I have done a bit of research and, to my knowledge, Durer did not create any original colored lithographs.  Lithography is a type of printmaking that was not invented until well past Durer's time (in 1796) and Durer specialized in engravings and woodcuts.

Durer did create a unique original pen, ink, and watercolor drawing entitled "Nuremberg Woman Dressed for Church" that looks to be currently displayed in the Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna.  In my opinion, your piece looks to be a reproductive print created after this original drawing. I found an example on ebay of a work that looks similar to yours below:

I do not believe that this work is very collectable.  However, I can recommend contacting Bonhams auctions as reference above as perhaps they can provide more information.

I hope that this information can be of some assistance.

Warm Regards,

Andrew Evans

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