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Good Day, I inherited a Muller-Kurzwelly painting, actually I am pretty sure just a print, but I am not educated in such things so I am not sure. I am trying to find out the name and or date but I am having the hardest time finding a gallery type of website to identify the painting I own. I can send a pic if at all possible. It is about 5'by 3' and it has trees in early fall colors (yellow on the left) orange leaves up close on the edge on the right hand side and it could be a river or narrow pond with two swans almost in the middle, more on the right and has leaves floating on the water, has green trees in the middle in the back ground. I hope that helps some. Thank you for your time and energy. Hope you have a good day!!....Judy

Hello Judy,
Kondrad Alexander Muller-Kurzwelly 1855-1914 was a German artist who executed landscapes, and typically large landscapes.  

Step One for many folks is always the same.  Figure out what you have.  Is this a canvas wrapped around a wooden stretcher? Is it wood panel?  Investigate from the backside if you cannot readily tell from the front.  An old original oil will almost always be on either very darkened canvas, (unless the canvas has been relined,) or wood panel (always at risk of slight warp.)   

If you have a lithographic or chromolithographic (color) print of an M-K painting it will likely be on a thick paper, and you will be able to see no evidence of a brushstroke, even when light is "raked" across the painting from the side.  

My guess is you have a print akin to this picture:

If you still cannot tell what you have, seek the opinion of a local print shop, auction house, or gallery owner.

Step Two.
If you have a print, don't spend any money with anyone asking for a value. You can knock on the doors of a few print shops, but listing it on eBay would be easier, in my opinion.  You can find other similarly aged and sized prints, and obtain a comparable value at which to list yours.

If you believe you have an oil, and you very well might, I'd recommend you contact a dealer in Germany (Peter Karbstein in Dusseldorf, Van Ham Kunstauktionen in Cologne) and send pictures their way.  Nearly all public sales of original works by this artists have been transacted in Europe.  The highest prices realized have been in the $3,000 range, so don't spend everything you have in shipping and commission costs!  Reputable American auction houses in New York, Boston, LA, Dallas and other large cities often have special European art sales, as well.

Finally, don't be afraid to talk to gallery owners, antique dealers, auctioneers or even museum curators about your art. In most cases, these professionals are highly approachable people who want to help you.

Best of luck!  

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