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QUESTION: I have the 12 lithograph Toulouse Latrec portfolio by the Philadelhia Museum of Art in 1946. The lithographs were reproduced by Albert Carman, New York Studio Books, Holme Press Inc. They are in pretty good shape for being stored away for many years. I was wondering what this portfolio may be worth today? I also have one of a man playing a basoon but I can not find out the name on that print. Maybe you know that one also.

ANSWER: Hi Ginny,

I believe that this portfolio consists of high quality lithographic reproductions.  As they are reproductions, these works are not extremeley valuable (likely worth around a couple hundred dollars for the portfolio at best).  However, they are still beautiful decorative works that would look lovely framed on a wall.

Regarding the work with the man playing a basoon, do you perhaps have an image of this work that you could attach?

I hope that this information can be of some assistance.

Warm  Regards,

Andrew Evans

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QUESTION: Thank you for  your feed back on the portfolio. He is not my style but they were left to me by my father.Regarding the man playing the bassoon. The only place I have seen anything on him is in a book called Henri de Toulouse Latrec Images of the 1890's put out by the museum of modern art NY - he is Desire Dihau who was a composer in the Paris Opera 1825-1909. I have only found him in that book. I tried to look him up in that book on line but he wasn't there. If you know the book he is on pg 108 #21.

One other print I have is a signed William Gropper lithograph of Joshua in the Battle of Jericho. Do you know anything about that one?

Pour Toi
Pour Toi  
Hi Ginny,

Is the attached image the work that you are referencing? If so, I did find a record of this piece in the Toulouse Lautrec catalogue raisonne of his graphic work entitled Pour Toi!..  However, without seeing an image of your particular piece it is difficult to tell if it is an authentic lithograph or a reproduction.

Regarding the artist William Gropper, I unfortunately am not too familiar with his work.  His prints appear to sell for around a few hundred dollars at auction should they be authentic.  I would recommend contacting Bonhams auctions for more information on this artist at

I hope that this information can be of some assistance.

Warm Regards,

Andrew Evans

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