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I am a University student writing a paper for my Art History class about fakes, forges, and authenticity. To preface this question, I have reached out to my Professor in hopes of some guidance, but have not received any clarification regarding this essay prompt. I hope your expertise and knowledge will help me. The prompts is: "In terms of the concept of indistinguishability write about two art works in which the forger does not betray his cultural background and time in the work he produces." My understanding of this prompt is to find two art forgers who created forged artwork while the original artist was still alive. I have searched and searched trying to find the names of art forgers who imitated living artists, but have not come up with any names. Do you know of any art forgers who fit this category? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hello Leah,

This prompt does appear a bit unclear.  Your interpretation sounds accurate to me, but unfortunately, as far as I know, most famous forgers copied works by deceased artists, so perhaps you might want to hold off for clarification from your professor.  

You might be able to look into Marcantonio Raimondi copying works by Albrecht Durer, though this all occurred in the 1500s...I know that Durer sued Raimondi for appropriating his (Durer's) works and selling them as his (Raimondi's) own.  Perhaps this could be one lead?  Other than that, I am afraid that I do not have any knowledge of forgers who copied living artist's works.

Best of luck to you!

Andrew Evans

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