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remington seascape
remington seascape  

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I have this beautiful painting that is on canvas and cant find another exactly like it just want to know who the artist is I am almost positive its not frederick remington thanks

You can move the needle from "almost positive" to "100% positive."

Most pictures in frames are not considered "fine art". Merely because a canvas is framed, or paint is on a canvas does not, of itself, qualify an object as "finely painted" or "fine art". Think about all the walls in the world. (Start with your dwelling.  More walls than residents, yes?) So, billions of walls to decorate, right?

Now, how many highly trained artists, schooled in advanced techniques, who have studied for years and experimented to develop their craft, and been judged in juried competitions, and so forth?  How could there possibly be enough artists, even over the last 100 years, to produce even a fraction of the billions of wall coverings in the world?  Answer: There aren't.  

Instead, much of the framed stuff you see on walls every day...from your dentist's office, to the walls at work, to that beautiful picture of a lighthouse that Aunt Betty brought home from Cape Cod...all mass produced in a manufacturing shop.  Right now, somewhere in Asia, a shop is cranking out canvas, wood frames, and oil ... actually put down by humans with all manor of technique (small brushes, paint guns, rollers, air brushes) to be crated up, put on boats and sold in commercial markets around the world. They probably will knock out several dozen pieces of "art" before I finish typing.

And one of the dead giveaways, beyond just the look of the picture, is the famous, or famous-sounding name, ascribed to the picture.  At his or her manufacturing station, the builder of this picture likely has a list of famous artist names that the boss tacked to his desk. And there it goes, last name only, onto the canvas.  It helps to sell the art at the retail level.

Ok, that said, I am not trying to be dismissive of your picture. Just to say that this is not "Fine Art" and that you might be advised to visit the "collectibles forums" or scroll about on eBay to find something similar.  The good news is that commercial, mass-produced art of this ilk is highly affordable!  Finally, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder as a famous playwright once claimed.  If you enjoy it, put it up where you can see it every day.

Long explanation, but I hope others who troll this board will read it.  Melissa, you are not alone in learning what "Fine art" is.  I urge you to visit as many museums as you can, throughout your lifetime.  

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