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QUESTION: hi i found this in an attic thomas kinkade THE FOREST CHAPEL
HER THE QUESTION  how much is it worth and it is sign bu him
the seal on front said liberary eddition and there a number
5 could you help thanks jay

ANSWER: Jay, thank you for your question. Is the piece stamped or actually signed? There would be a difference one way or the other.  These are prints that were often sold by Home Interiors Design.Each Print is double matted with a gold colored etched plaque with the name of print and the artists name and the words LIBRARY EDITION. Values wholesale would be between $100-$250.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: wow you are good but the question is what is the value of the number
5 on it is it the 5th of 100 ?? I can't tell if its sign or oil its done in red ink with john 3:16 i see some on ebay for 1,000 to 6000.00
thanks again have seeral older one no can tell me abou can Iemail picture of them one is dated 1919 from mount fugi

Jay, thanks for your follow-up. I am going to give you a link to a Thomas Kinkade site which should be able to assist you in giving you more representational values and what kind of interest there might be in each print/original. Thank You.

PS. remember it is not what someone is asking for the piece of art but what it actually sells for on the open market/what someone is willing to pay for the piece. That is your fair market value.

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