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Lautrec  Lithograph posters
Lautrec Lithograph po  

Divan Japonais
Divan Japonais  
I bought three Lautrec posters this past summer. One of the posters is a reproduction of Troupe de Mile Eglantine by Personality Poster 1967.Under magnification the dots are apparent. Is this collectible and what would the value be?

The other two posters are Divan Japonais (20x30 approximate size) and Moulin Rouge ( 20x28 approximate size) . Both appear to have a plate edge and the colors are much more vibrant.
Both have a signature in plate in black.   
The Divan Japonais has I or JM? ?DW ANCOURT PARIS in the lower right. The ? indicates that I can not determine what the letters are.
The Moulin Rouge has AFFICHES AMERICAINES CH-LEVY 10 Rue Martel PARIS in the lower right.
Under magnification there are no dots and the paper appears to be fiberous.
Both posters have creases in them and the Moulin Rouge 3 small areas of color loss.
Are these originals or earlier reproductions and what would the value be for these two posters?

Hello Donna,

I believe these works to be reproductions, as their dimensions do not appear to match those cited in Toulouse-Lautrec's catalogue of printed works.  The Divan Japonais should be 80.8 cm x 60.8 cm and the Moulin Rouge should be much larger, 122 cm x 84 cm. Both works should be lithographs, which do not typically have a distinct plate mark the way that an intaglio print would.  As reproductions, these works would not have any real collectible value (decorative only).  Perhaps I can recommend browsing ebay for pricing on similar works.

I hope that this information can be of some assistance.

Warm Regards,

Andrew Evans

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