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QUESTION: I would like to know if the ID of this painting is possible. I have the following information:
-   I can’t find any visible signature.
-   The painting is an oil painting.
-   The measurements are: 1.80 x 1.50 Meters
-   The painting was purchased in antiques shop in New York in the XIX century.
-   I was told that the painting is possible from Spain from Valencia area
Here is the link for the album where I have some pics:
Thanks in advance!

ANSWER: Thank you Juan, for posting some images.

However,in order to perhaps help you more fully, I would like the following;

1. A pure and clear "frontal" >"en face" <  image of the whole painting, from both from behind and the whole front, but without any oblique angles whatsoever.

2. You would need to check the work again for any signature,or monogram.

I look forward, to receiving the information at your own convenience.
Take care.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response! I have a couple of correction to make an also some new information.

First the painting was braught from Europe and not from Ney York as I first said. Seconddly there is a possibility that the painting has a name and it coud be: "Lección de Música" (translates: "Music Lesson").

When I turned the painting around for the back pictures I found some initials on the right top and right bottom corners of the back frame.
On the right top corner I can make out: NDL
On the right bottom corner I can make out ICA.
Here are some pics of the Initials so ya can check them out and se what you make out:

I couldn't find any signatures or monograms.

Front pictures requested:

Back pictures requested:

I also captured some more detailed pictures for you here:

Thanks again!

Re; The painting.
Unfortunately the images which are parked at the "ïmage shack"are being thwarted by un-wanted advertising pop ups.
So I am unable to view them properly, without going crazy.
I just need  to see the images, as I have previously explained.
These can be downloaded here, singly at the site.
Take care.

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