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Albert Bierstadt?
Albert Bierstadt?  

I am trying to identify the artist who created this painting and am struggling a bit. This was acquired by the family in the San Francisco / Oakland area at least a 100 years ago. To further complicate things there are ties to the Bohemian Club and Olympic Club and many of the woman in the family were artists. However, this box seems to be somewhat different to me in that the brushes alone had to be very expense when used. An amateur wouldn't necessarilly be so well equipped. The trouble is the box is not in great shape, so any assistance provided is greatly appreciated...

Thank you for your time and effort...

Shawn in Highland, CA

Hello Shawn,
That is a nifty piece.  Certainly, I
would deem it as "Hudson River School" and perhaps
even "after Bierstadt".  It certainly resembles a Bierstadt
composition, high western peak, sun peeking over at center
of canvas.  Nature in all its haughty grandeur.  I cannot
really make out the piece clearly from the very small thumbnail
that comes through, and internet viewing is not really the best,
so I'd definitely urge you to contact a professional for an
eyeball's viewing.  Don't just post this up on ebay.  It may not
be a museum quality piece, but if it were just a gift to another
artist (or done for himself "en plein air") it might not have
the quality that a top-drawer AB completed in studio would have.  

I know I do not have to educate you with knowledge that the Hudson River
School did not necessarily mean pictures of that river in NYS. Rather
it embodies an entire genre of landscape art that was embraced by
American masters from the late 1830s up through the end of that century.
Bierstadt and many others took this landscape genre from its origins in
the eastern US throughout North & South America...and even to the polar regions!

Naturally, you also realize it could be the work of a student copying
a Bierstadt or other landscape artist. All the more reason for a pro
to see the piece at close hand.

Your research is interesting and you no doubt have learned much
about the San Francisco Art Association, the role of the Bohemians
in California and such.  Any tags on or in the box or other evidence
to support a history with these clubs is crucial...keep it intact.

Not clear where you are from (indications of CA and perhaps TX?)
>in TX seek out: Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas
>in LA seek out: Lawrence Cantor at Fine Old Art dot com

Anyway, best of luck.  Don't be afraid to call upon professionals, they
want to serve you.  They won't bite.  

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