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Greeting Knowledgeable Mr. Cartqright~
 I acquired this painting for $30 USD in San Diego, California.  Here are the photos:
The photos were taken under fluorescent lighting, which washed out it's deep color.  There is one other photo there (On the wood table) that was taken in indirect sunlight.
 The painting is signed JM. Brands '91.  At first, I decided that it was from 1891, but now I am skeptical of that initial assumption.  Looking at the patina of the wood, the darkened burlap colored canvas, the older style nails (There are holes from being re stretched?), the craquelure, and the muted tones of the paint, I am wondering if it's actually from 1791?  The greens and browns are deep, the blues are very muted (Wasn't blue an expensive color to produce?)
 The painting measures 41cm x 30.  I was unable to find anything on the artist via Google.  Looking at the architecture of the buildings, I'm skeptical on if this is American(?).  Any insight would be very appreciated.  Of course knowing a general idea of the value is nice, but I'm more interested in the history, origin, subject, and age.  I am a collector of old things, but this is the first piece of art I have acquired.  Please let me know if it's something important enough to be inspected by a professional, as it is in need of restoration, and I'd like to know if it's worthy.
 I thank you kindly for your time and knowledge Mr. Cartwright!
Cheers my Friend,
William Wall

Mr Wall\'s picture possibility
Mr Wall's picture poss  
Greetings Mr. Wall,
I certainly would peg the artwork you sent to the late nineteenth century, not the eighteenth century.

It is possible that your artwork is that of Johannes Lodewyk Brands (or Brandt) a Polish painter of some renown.  (1841-1919)  The signature on your work resembles that of the artist.

You should definitely get in touch with a Warsaw gallery that is quite familiar with Brandt.   They can give you a more definitive answer.  

It's an attractive picture that has a lot to it and is worth more than $30!   But it needs a lot of help. I can see the bright blue of the sky where it sat under the frame's edge at top left. As you scan across the picture, the varying tones belie the discoloration of a once beautiful painting.  Not to worry, a skilled restoration expert can bring this picture back to life, and certainly mend the holes and nicks in the canvas.  If you have had it under U/V light, you have perhaps already identified where any inpainting or more modern touch up has been applied. I would fathom very little...that's great.  A good cleaning, restoration work, a nice period frame...this painting could easily be beautiful with some investment. (I'll attach my rough computer redo of what you might imagine!) If indeed the Polish gallery confirms you have an original Brandt, it might be well worth that investment as they have fetched five figure prices for the artist.  Best to ask them about value, though.
Here is a little about the artist from an online database:

"On of the most famous Polish painters of XIX and XX century. Painter, professor and leader of Polish artistic community in Munich,Germany, master of batalistic [sic:battle] scenes and creator of the best scenes from Polish military history - from Swedish and Ukrainian wars - based on episodes described in memories of the time. He studied first in Paris, then continued his education in Munich, where later opened his own atelier, that served as educational place for other Polish artists. Brandt was a honorary professor of Art Academies in Munich, Berlin and Prague.He became a master of developed and dynamic batalistic [sic:battle] compositions. The artist painted also hunting subjects, country scenes of south eastern Polish and Ukrainian villages as well as from the place he used to spend summer time (central Poland, Oronsko near Radom)."  

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