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Robert Vonnoh  

I just purchased a Robert Vonnoh oil on canvas. The painting is 10.25 x 17 in (excluding frame). It is signed in the top left. The back has several things written on it and I will try to list all. I do believe it is the original frame.
Written on back:
-girl from the north
-cat(?) 137
-writing that looks like: mem. art gal rochester (very hard to read)
-3 in a circle
-9 in a circle
-old paper tag that looks like it says "reg 73-10-4"
-5 in a circle
- R W Vonnoh Girl from the North
-7171 17 x 10 3/4
On Stretcher
-Case 10
-(38) Girl from the North $75

The part that eludes to mem art gal is interesting because there was a two artist exhibition with him and his wife in 1916. Source:
I don't know if that adds anything but it helps verify the painting. I was hoping that you could help me by shedding any additional light on the painting since I am sure that in your years of dealing art you have learned things I couldn't even imagine. If possible I was also hoping to get a rough value on the piece. If you need any more information please don't hesitate to ask.

Hello Michael,
Congratulations on a fine purchase. You seem to be a very solid researcher, so I really don't have too much to add to what you are already finding.  As you are aware, Vonnoh was a prolific portraitist, which probably provided him with the bulk of his income. Typically, the portraits that have passed through public auction tend to be much larger than yours, though this "Girl from the North" is finely painted and has much interesting brushstroke in her blouse in addition to interesting detail (perhaps Vonnoh's salute to Monet?)in the painting over her shoulder.

The piece has likely been repackaged since it was executed, possibly cleaned or restored, and all the markings on the backside indicate it has passed through a few transactions.

I would fathom that a public auction house would place an estimate on your piece of between $4,000-$7,000. Most major American art dealers would be take an interest in an original Vonnoh and offer you something slightly below the low end of this range. Of course, this is a remote guess, and your recent transaction is likely closer to true value.  

I know I have seen articles about Robert Vonnoh in American Art Review magazine over the last decade. It might be worth your time to find a library with back issues of this fine art periodical.  Many major galleries that might be interested in your artwork are featured advertisers in that periodical.

Best of luck.  

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