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Mr. Evans:
I've a beautiful oil that we bought in a Tijuana art gallery in the late 60s (in the Navy). It is a winter scene with a barn surrounded by large lovely firs (#10), snow everywhere, a small stream, and falling snow throughout the entire picture. It's 16 x 20, and is signed in red, lower left corner in a clump of small firs ... "Woodson".  No first name or initial as is used by Everett Woodson. How can I identify this artist?
Thank you for your time and expertise.

Hello Lynda,

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with an artist by the last name of Woodson.  However, I searched through a few art databases and can perhaps recommend that you try searching "Marie L. Woodson" and "Max Russell Woodson" to see if their styles/signatures might match those of your artwork.

I can also recommend trying

I hope that this information can be of some assistance.

Best Regards,

Andrew Evans

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