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J C stadler
J C stadler  

J C Stadler
J C Stadler  
I have had this print for many years and would like to know of an approximate

It is titled "Lambeth Palace" plate No 48 within the plate line in the upper
right corner.  
The paper has J Whatman 1808 watermark.

Thanks for your time.

Dear Donna,

Your aquatint engraving is by Joseph Constantine Stadler (XVIII-XIX), a German who eventually settled in London and created numerous topographical aquatint engravings. Some of his most famous work was when he engraved 18 plates for Thomas Rowlandsonís Sketches from Nature. Your print was also done after a sketch by Thomas Rowlandson and Augustus Pugin. I was not able to find a value on your particular image, but I located similar aquatints from the same series and artists involved, (see below). I would say your print is in the same value range if it is in the similar good condition of the ones listed. I will give you a link to the gallery where these are listed. You will see they are in very good condition with good color and limited toning. Though I cannot tell the full condition of your print from the photos, it appears yours has darkened (toned) as you can see the contrast of color between the main image area exposed to light vs. the protected margin areas. Condition is highly important on antique prints and can affect the value on the secondary market. I hope this information is helpful.
Kind regards,

Website with similar work:

Court of Chancery, Lincoln's Inn Hall.
Rowlandson & Pugin Delt. et Sculpt. J. C. Stadler Aquat.
London. Pub.1st June, 1808 at R. Ackermannís Repository of Arts 101, Strand.
Coloured aquatint. 277 x 225mm.
[Ref: 5211]   £320.00  

Doctors Commons.
Rowlandson & Pugin delt. et sculpt. Stadler Aquat.
London. Pub.1st Augt, 1808 at R. Ackermannís Repository of Arts 101, Strand.
Coloured aquatint. Plate 230 x 278mm.
A scene inside the Doctors' Commons, the society of lawyers that were practising civil law in London. Court proceedings were also held here.
Abbey, Scenery: 212.
[Ref: 17004]   £230.00   (£276.00 incl.VAT

Lottery Drawing: Coopers Hall
Rowlandson & Pugin Delt. et Sculpt. Stadler aquat.
London. Pub 1st Feby, 1809 at R. Ackermannís Repository of Arts 101, Strand.
Coloured aquatint. 272 x 220mm.
[Ref: 5229]   £170.00   (£204.00 incl.VAT)

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