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Close up of Erasmus
Close up of Erasmus  
Pair of fine art prints
Pair of fine art print  
QUESTION: Hello, and thank you in advance for any direction you might be able to provide. I picked up these two reproductions of well known works by Hans Holbein, the younger, and am having a difficult time determining when, (and where) they might have been produced.  The one on the left, "Erasmus of Rotterdam" appears to be a tinted drypoint while the other "The Merchant George Gisze" is clearly an engraving.  Both of these pieces were framed, and perhaps sold, by Gump's Gallery in San Francisco sometime between 1910 and 1939-40.  I know that because of the Gump's tag on the reverse that gives the address as 268 Post Street, San Francisco.  There are no signatures or other marks on either of the prints. They were framed in matching 10" x 12" oak frames that have been painted black and were originally gilt, (most of that has worn away). I know it's a long shot but any help you might provide regarding age, where they were produced, (or real long shot; artist(s)), would be much appreciated.


ANSWER: Dear Jay,
It appears you may have mezzotint engravings by Félix Henri Bracquemond (May 22, 1833 – October 29, 1914); a French painter and etcher; after Holbeins portraits. I am unable to locate the merchant, but I did locate an example of the Erasmus portrait currently listed on ebay. I will give you the link below. You can do further research by using key words: Félix Henri Bracquemond mezzotint, aquatint, engravings. I hope this information is helpful.
Listing on ebay:
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The Merchant Georg Gisze
The Merchant Georg Gis  

The Merchant Georg Gisze
The Merchant Georg Gis  
QUESTION: Thank you!  Were you able to find out anything about the print of "The Merchant Georg Gisze"?  Just to fill you in on the history of the merchant; Gump's originated in 1861 as a frame/mirror shop and purveyor of fine art to the newly wealthy, (those who had either struck it rich during the gold rush...or had gotten wealthy relieving those newly rich of their new found largesse).  Solomon, and later Alfred, Gump brought back some amazing pieces of European art and helped a number of new local artists, like William Keith, get started. Later they apparently changed focus and began importing more from Asia. Again thanks!


P.S. here's some further images of "The Merchant Georg Gisze"

Yes, you are right. Gumps sold high end art for many years in San Francisco. I am from the bay area and I have seen many pieces from Gumps and they are always quality art and antiques. Looking at the close up images of the other piece I can tell that it too is a mezzotint. They were probably sold as a decorative fine art pair. Nice art! Make sure they are framed with archival acid free framing material to preserve their quality.
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