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QUESTION: We have a Calder print that appears to be a page from a book; there is a fold that runs down the center of the print. There is a label on the back that reads: "Calder From the book of "Derrier le Moirir (unreadable word) Lithograph 81 94243 Certificate of Authenticity "I hereby certify..." (unreadable name) Royal Art, Ltd., Auctions for fund raising and lists an address in Hollywood, CA. The lithograph is on high-quality smooth paper, features two human figures - heads with snake like bodies -- one black and one red -- entwined with each other. The lithograph appears to be unsigned, however was professionally framed with coordinating colored, but not acid free mat board,and has a cardboard back edged with stiff brown tape. I have not taken the back off to see if there is anything printed on the back of the print or below the mat board. The visible size of the print appears to be approximately 14 x 21 inches without the mat, etc. The print was from my 90+-year-old father-in-law who vaguely recalls buying it at an auction years ago. Can you tell me anything about the print and its value?

ANSWER: Hello K.,

I believe that Royal Art Ltd was known for auctioning low end affordable art. However, Derriere Le Miroir was an art magazine published by the famous French gallery owner/publisher Aime Maeght.  It was published from 1946-1982, and many issues did contain lithographs, some original and highly collectible and others that are reproductions with mostly decorative value.  

If you perhaps have an image that you could attach and send over, I could gather more information and take a closer look?  The lack of edition information/a signature leads me to believe that this work may unfortunately not be worth that much, but please do send a picture if possible.

Warm Regards,

Andrew Evans

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Evans, Thank you for message. I actually think the page is from a book -- or a very classy magazine; perhaps it is misidentified on the label on the back. When I was in France years ago I went to spectacular modern art museum in the south of France near St. Paul de Vence. I do not not recall the name, but in its collection were many limited edition high-quality lithograph prints from art books similar, but not identical, to the Calder we own. My in-laws had a good eye for art and collected many nice pieces -- Japanese woodblock prints, Maine artists, etc. I have attached a pix. I apologize for the poor quality. Thank you, K.

Hello K.,

I do believe this work to be a lithograph from the magazine Derriere Le Miroir by Alexander Calder.  However, as it is unsigned with no edition information, the value would likely not be that of original hand signed/numbered Calder lithographs such as the ones viewed on the following link:

I believe this work to probably be worth a few hundred dollars at most, likely around $250.

I hope that this information can be of some assistance.


Andrew Evans

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