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QUESTION: I have recently been handed down 2 Marc Chagall pictures. I believe them to be lithographs. 1 I have found online which is 'David Et Bethsabee' yet the other I am unable to find anywhere. It is a picture of a jester at what appears to be music gathering playing an old instrument. There are crowds in the picture and a small balcony in the centre. picture is blue in colour mostly.

My question is firstly could you please let me know if you have an idea of what the picture is and secondly how do i determine whether it is infact a print or a lithograph? i am very unsure when it comes to artwork.  Is it worthwhile asking an auction house to value these items?

many thanks for your time

ANSWER: Hello Edward,

If you could please attach images of your two works, I could take a look for you and let you know my opinion regarding authenticity and value.  

Thank you and warm regards,

Andrew Evans

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

m chagall
m chagall  

m chagall 2
m chagall 2  
QUESTION: my aplogies if the images arent very clear. It was the best i could do with my camera. Any info you could give would help.



Hello Edward,

Regarding the first image, you are correct in identifying it as David et Bethsabee.  I cannot quite tell from the image if this work is an original lithograph.  I would recommend checking the sheet size, which should be 37.5 cm x 26.5 cm.  As this work is not hand signed or numbered, it could potentially be a lithograph from a book illustration, in which case it would value at around $500.

Regarding the second image, I have browsed the catalogue of Chagall's printed works and cannot locate this particular piece. As his works are very well catalogued, this would lead me to believe that this work is a reproduction with no collectible value.

For a second opinion, I can recommend trying Bonhams at  It is very difficult to identify originals without seeing the piece in person, but I hope that this information can be of some assistance or at least guide you on the correct path.


Andrew Evans

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