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I recently purchased at a Viceroy Auction a Renoir heliogravure from the Suite La Vie et L'Oeuvre de Pierre Auguste Renoir. The Nathan Isen certificate of authentication says the title is "Apres le Bain" and is hand pulled from copper plate on Dec 15, 1919.  It gives the publisher, printer, and edition.  There is no signature in the plate and it is not signed or numbered. Is it worth less when not signed?  How do I know if the certificate or print is authentic?

For my general education, what is a blind stamp.  What is an Edition of the Artist and what does "AP" mean on a print? Are these more valuable? Where can I look up past histories of prints, watercolors, and paintings?

Your information and assistance is greatly appreciated.  Cathy

Hello Cathy,

I ask that you please attach an image of your work so that I can take a closer is difficult to tell exactly what you might have without the visual representation.

Regarding your questions,  in general, a work of art is less valuable when it is not signed.  A hand signature would of course increase value immensely.  However, most of Renoir's original prints are not hand signed but rather signed in the plate.  If you send over an image, I can check the catalogue of Renoir's printed works to see whether you might have an original print or a reproduction.

A blind stamp is an embossed emblem/notation, usually noting the publisher of a work.  An edition of the artist (EA) or AP (Artist's proof) both note that the work is an artist's proof aside from the numbered edition. In general, the values on Artist's proofs are comparable to those numbered from the edition; they are not particularly more or less valuable.  Please reference the below link for more information on proofs:

Regarding the histories of prints, watercolors, and paintings, I can recommend browsing the sites listed on the below link:

I hope that this information can be of some assistance.  Please do send over an image of your work, and I will try my best to assist you.

Warm Regards,

Andrew Evans

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