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I have a large oil painting by A. Chabanian.  It is of a moonrise over the ocean.  I am wondering what a ballpark price would be for the painting for insurance purposes.  It has been in my family for about 75 years.  I would also like to know why paintings by Chabanian, who I know was a French artist, would have been for sale in the Midwest where the painting was purchased in or about 1935.  I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions.  
Thank you,
Judy Marold

Dear Judy,
The seascape artist Arsène Chabanian (1864-1949); aliases: Arsen Chabanian; Arsen Šabanyan; Arsen Shabanian; was French Armenian. You did not give me the size of your painting, but an average auction estimate in 2012 for his oil seascape oil paintings is between $1000-5000 USD; depending on size and desirability of the image.
Many art dealers and collectors have brought art from Europe since ship travel began. It was very popular to bring French and other European art back to the U.S. from trips abroad by the wealthy. They could fill their first class cabins with art that was not easily accessible to the working class Americans.
I hope this information is helpful.
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