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QUESTION: Hi Andrew,

My questions is, on an etching (done in color) if you were to rub your hands across it, is the color suppose to rub on your fingers? i guess im asking because i thought i had a lithograph & was told to do a test by rubbing my fingers across it to see if the ink is "raised" or flat. welli did that and had some color transfer on my fingers (oops)? the frame is all wood and looks pretty old with what looks like hundreds of old skinny nails with flat head & the paper has discoloration. should i transfer to a new frame myself or get it done professionally? thank you....sorry for the long question.

ANSWER: Hello Angie,

I suppose that there is always the possibility of color rubbing off of an etching.  Sometimes hand coloring is applied after the printing process, which could also explain this.  However, in the future, if you are looking to distinguish between an etching and a lithograph, look for a plate mark around the edges of the image.  If the work is an etching, there should be a slightly indented frame (plate mark) surrounding the image, where in a lithograph, this would not be seen.

I would always recommend having a professional framer reframe your work.  Especially if the piece is old, the paper might be very brittle and tear easily.  You would not want to risk damaging the art.  

If you would like, I would be more than happy to take a look at your work to see if I can provide more information. Please just send a picture if possible, and I will take a look.

I hope that this information can be of some assistance.


Andrew Evans

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QUESTION: here is some images of the painting. im also thinking it could of been done in charcoal. i bought it cause it looked like "cut-out" pieces but when i did the test it transefered to my fingers. Thank you so much for your time. i also have pics of the frame (front & back) if you need more does have a "pressed" seal that i really can't make out ?.?.herrmann or merrman (something like that) new york fine art, signed ida L geyler '35 #2 romance. thanks again!!!!

Hi Angie,

Unfortunately, I do not recognize the artist of this work.  I do not think that this looks like an etching as I do not see a plate mark.  Perhaps it could be a lithograph?  The faint tint of the colors might suggest hand coloring, which would explain how the color transferred to your hand. I wish that I could be of more assistance with this one.  I am not certain regarding value, but it sounds like you really enjoy the image, which is the most important part!



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