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QUESTION: I have this poster with text. It also appears to have been originally signed in pencil but not until 1974. I obtained it in Chicago and surmise that it was signed by Marc Chagall while he was in Chicago to dedicate the Four Seasons mosaic. He signed many of the Four Seasons posters at that time and I surmise that the then owners of my Romeo and Juliet poster took it with them and had it signed at the Four Seasons dedication.

I would like to know

How do I authenticate the signature?
What is the effect of the later signing on it's value?
What is the best way to care for it?
What precautions shall I take when choosing a place to hang it?

Thanks for your help

ANSWER: Hi Eileen,

Assuming that you have a hand signed Romeo and Juliet poster by Marc Chagall, I would place the approximate value at around $1,500.  If you can send an image of the signature, I can offer my opinion regarding authenticity.  If you reference the link below, you can also see examples of works that are hand signed by Chagall with his authentic signature as a point of comparison:

When caring for/displaying your work, I would consider the following:
* I recommend getting it framed to museum grade archival standards with non-acidic materials and optical grade plexiglas
*Hang the work on a sturdy wall out of direct sunlight, as this can cause the colors to fade and damage the piece over time

I hope that this information can be of some assistance.

Warm Regards,

Andrew Evans

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response. I am not sure that I was clear enough about the fact that this is part of the original 5000 that were commissioned by the French government. It has text at the bottom stating this. Further, I am still curious as to whether it makes a difference that this was signed in 1974 as stated next to the signature rather then when it first issued.  I am travelling this winter and will not be able to send you a picture until I return.

Thanks again,

Eileen Fein

Dear Eileen,

I understand that this is one of the original 5000 posters and that it was signed after 1964 at a later date. Most of these poster editions were not hand signed, so the fact that yours is hand signed (even if it was signed in 1974) increases its value over that of the unsigned posters.  This work would be considered a hand signed poster.  Please feel free to send images when you return from your travels.  In the meantime, I hope that this information can be of some assistance.

Warm Regards,

Andrew Evans

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