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QUESTION: Dear Joseph,

Can you please help me identify this painting? Is it indeed Nell Blaine? It is oil on metal panel, 12" x 16". It is signed "Nell Blaine" and dated "63" on verso. I can see that the style is more realistic than her other works, and it looks like she was mostly painting watercolors, but I know she has oils as well. What's the value of this painting?

ANSWER: FMV on this painting would be $1,500-$2,000.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your answer. I am wondering if the estimate reflects the assumption that the painting is indeed by Nell Blaine or you assume it is not an original and the FMV estimation is entirely based on the artistic merits of the work.

In other words, are you sure it is indeed Nell Blaine? I am asking because to me the style does not seem similar to her other works I found online. Additionally, the signature on verso looks like "Neil Blaine" rather than not "Nell Blaine." I am also wondering why would she sign on verso rather than on the painting itself.

I would very much appreciate if you can confirm whether you think it is the original painting or not and how you got to that conclusion.

Thank you!

based on her works and what I can see online based on your photos, I would say it is original and it does seem to have similarities to Blaine's work. If I were to see this in person I might change my mind. So, with my limited amount of analytical ability, I still have to say that it is her work. To be sure, I would take it to a verified, honest, auctioneer in your area.

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