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QUESTION: i have a print of this painting that i enjoy   It was originally purchased at Catalda Fine Arts (sticker on the back) and has hung at an insurance company for what appears to have been years.  Could you tell me something about the artist and possible about the conditions of the Catalda sale? The purchase order number was 2590 and the painting has a frame number as well

ANSWER: Dear Bruce,

Catalda Fine Arts produced reproductions of famous paintings or paintings by various artists during the mid-twentieth century.  The work that you have by Catalda is a reproduction with only decorative value (no real collectible value). Catalda Fine Arts has a somewhat marred reputation, as they were involved in litigation for many years regarding copyright violations to the images that they produced.

The values can vary on these Catalda works based on factors such as the desirability of the image, the artist, size, condition, and framing.  They tend to range from $50 to a few hundred if the work is in excellent condition and nicely framed. I am unfamiliar with that particular work but you can always take it into an auction house or talk to an appraiser to gauge the value within the range.  

Andrew Evans

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks so much for your answer.  I'm certain most are looking for a financial value for their items but I was hoping for more info on artist or where possibly the original may be. The company that purchased this print origially must have paid a tidy sum and I cant imagine them doing so without knowing the history.  Was it typical of Catalda to sell obscure artists that experts are not familiar with?  I will continue to enjoy the painting either way but would enjoy more information on this particular painting "Old Red Mill". Thank you Bruce Willman

Dear Bruce,

It was typical for Catalda to sell obscure artists as well. I believe they based their choices on the image presented as well as the artist name due to the fact that they did sell in retail stores, and people will purchase what speaks to them aesthetically. I did try to research more information but nothing is coming up besides a few eBay listings for other works by him that unfortunately give no historical information to further any research, I am sorry.

Andrew Evans  

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