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Dear Mr. Adams,

I recently bought two lithographs by Picasso. Both are from the Vollard Suitte, both have Certificate of Authenticity (COA) issued by The Suite Gallery. The COA is the same for both lithographs (?).

Of course they are not signed, neither on plate nor by hand. They are not numbered.

I'm considering buying another. A SPADEM edition, with COA and signed on plate and numbered by hand.

My question is:
Are Certificates of Authenticity guarantee the authenticity of the work? Depends it on the institution which issues the COA?

I've read on your response to another user that SPADEM editions are not much worth (if any).

I'm not interested in the material value of the work. I just want to know if it was done with the original plate by Picasso and under what conditions has been made.

Could you please advise me on what to buy and what not?
What certificates are good and which are not?

Thank you so much.


Dear Rafa,

The Certificate of Authenticity on a print is only as good as the institution backing it up so in regards to the COA it depends on if you trust where you are buying the work from and if they will stand behind it and what kind of refund policies they have in place. You should never be afraid when purchasing art to ask for documentation relating to the work asserting its authenticity. Any reputable institution selling a Picasso will have his catalog rasionee at their disposal and there is one in particular for the Vollard Suite titled "Picasso's Vollard Suite" by Hans Bolliger that you might request.

In regards to the print that you are buying the work is unfortunately not considered to be made from the original plate as only the original etchings were created from that. When buying artwork honestly the value lies in hand-signed works and that is really all I am familiar with in regards to art buying advice because that is what will get you a great return with. Hand-signed works appreciate over time whereas reproductions such as the facsimile signed SPADEM editions depreciate in value. Hopefully that helps.

Andrew Evans  

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