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I recently went to a gallery selling all sort of paintings, carpets and other paraphernalia. I happen to loathe all modern art from the ghastly impressionism onwards but I saw some very nice paintings there. I just love landscape paintings, preferably ones depicting really wild areas untouched by humans(ie no farmland and the like). Sort of ones resembling Ruisdael. The trouble was that I came across a number of landscape paintings in the gallery, most of which were at widely differing prices, from as low as 3600 euros to as high as 34,000 euros.

Now, my questions are as follows:-
1) If I wanted to hire an experienced oil painter to paint a painting in a similiar style to the great artist Arcimboldo, for an excellent example, how much would I likely have to pay? A very rough range of payment is all I would need.

2) I am mainly interested in very good, detailed landscape (oil?) paintings by very obscure artists. What sort of vague price-range could I expect? Is the price dependent on the size of the painting? If so, could you state how much more a painting is worth if it depicts the same detailed scene at twice or thrice the size of the original painting?

3) I once visited a brilliant exhibition of American landscape art which appeared in the Tate Britain gallery which normally only shows crappy modern art. I was most impressed but would like to find those paintings again. Could you give me a sample of american painters who did grand landscape paintings, mostly with no people in them? Thanks, Geoff.

Dear Geoff,

Your request for a work of art sounds simple enough but unfortunately I am not familiar with that part of the art market. My expertise is in the value and research of 20th century masters, I do not know a lot about living artists and nothing about how to commission a work of art, but I can tell you there are wonderful websites where people sell their own art and you might be able to browse them and find an artist you like and contact them regarding a commissioned work. Here are some sites below:

Fine Art America:

In regards to American Landscape painters, here are a few that best meet what your looking for:
Thomas Cole
Asher Durand (does feature some people and cows in a few of his works)

I am sorry I could not be of more help, but I do hope that those are wonderful starting places for you and wish you the best of luck.

Andrew Evans  

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