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Dear Dolly,

First & foremost I would like to thank you for your devotion, preservation and extensive knowledge on so many beautiful works of art and accompanying data.  I commend your expertise!  I would also like to thank you for accepting my inquiry as I know you are all very busy.  It is apparent that you are renowned as a great source for researching artwork.  Using your expertise I was hoping you could answer some questions or provide any details on a piece I inherited.  I know nothing about art or how to classify a painting like the genre, style, theory, etc.  So I donít know how to begin researching the piece.  I was hoping your expertise could provide me with some basic information or classification on the piece below.  I assure you I am looking for answers to these questions for my own knowledge as I have admired this piece when it hung in my Great Grandmothers collection for 50+ years .  I am not looking for any financial or appraisal information, Iím only looking for any information on the genre, style, and all the other details.  I am also somewhat curious if you have any information on the artist?  I enclosed close up photos as well - Please see the items attached.  Any assistance or details you can provide is greatly appreciated and will hopefully point me in the right direction for researching my piece.  

Why I am contacting you and asking for assistance -  My Great Grandmother was an avid art collector and admirer of various artists,  whenever I would visit her rural home I was always drawn to her vast collection of artwork.  I was always amazed and she knew how much her collection meant to me.  She treasured her collection so when she passed due to an extended illness, I was shocked to hear that I had inherited all her art work.  With that being said there is one specific piece which is rather large that I have no details or canít find any information on, what it is, or place with the other well-known artists in her collection.
I am EXTREMELY grateful for any information you can offer,  feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions or need more details.  


Casey Warren

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Hello Casey,
I don't recognize the signature, but if you can email better photos of the painting and any writing I will try to identify it for you or give you enough for further reseaerch. The last name looks like Ford. Is there any other information on the back of the frame? Send the photos to as high quality jpeg attachments. Please put Casey allexperts in the subject line. Also include where your Grandmother lived. From what I can tell, it appears 20th century, but better photos of the painting will help give more clues. I hope you are enjoying the holidays.
Kind regards,

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