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My grandmother recently passed.  She has a painting that has a label on the back stating:

Title 7647 Christinas World
Artist   Wyeth
Frame No. S 843
Order No. 9108

Can you tell me anything on this painting based on this info?

Thank you for your help.

Hello Sean,

While I am not too familiar with Andrew Wyeth, I can tell you that Catalda Fine Arts produced reproductions of famous paintings or paintings by famous artists during the mid-twentieth century. Unfortunately, the work that you have by Catalda is likely a reproduction with only decorative value (no real collectible value). Catalda Fine Arts has a somewhat marred reputation, as they were involved in litigation for many years regarding copyright violations to the images that they produced. The values can vary on these Catalda works based on factors such as the desirability of the image, the artist, size, condition, and framing. Perhaps I can recommend browsing ebay for values of similar works. The unique original painting of this work is, I believe, part of The Museum of Modern Art New York's permanent collection.

Hope this information can help!


Andrew Evans

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