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picasso signature
picasso signature  
vase with flowers
vase with flowers  
QUESTION: I know that you probably get this question all the time but I have read so much about Picasso that my head is spinning!

It is like the posters that I see but it does have a signature.

I read somewhere that if you examine the paper with a strong magnifying glass and if it has a "crosshatching" it could be real. I'm not sure what that means but to put it in laymenís terms, if you took a crayon and ran it across high quality paper, it is not a solid mark but sort of skips over the bumps. The date is in yellow and the signature is a teal blue. Hope that makes sense! The measurement seems to be  about 17" x 22", it was matted and framed at a shop in California. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You, Paul and Karen with The Antiques Shoppe

ANSWER: Hello Paul,

From what I can gather, this looks to be an original hand signed Picasso lithograph entitled "Vase with Flowers."  This lithograph was produced in an edition of 50 numbered and signed proofs in addition to a few artist's proofs. Does this piece have any edition information (numbering) apparent?  This would provide further information as to its authenticity (thought there is always the chance it is an artist's proof).

Assuming that this work is authentic, the wholesale value is likely around $2,000 - $3,000. Perhaps I can recommend contacting a local auction house or gallery for further information.

Hope this helps!

Andrew Evans

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the answer, I hope you're right! I did speak with 1 person who sells these, he said that he the ones that he had sold were all in pencil. I am in Charlotte, NC. I don't believe we have any auctions here. Would you suggest one? Thanks again, PAUL

Hello Paul,

If there is no edition information and the dealer you spoke with mentioned the pencil rather than pen signature, there might be slight cause for suspicion...I believe that the original works should be numbered from the edition of 50 or annotated 'E.A.' as an artist's proof.

Regarding an auction house, perhaps I can recommend Leland Little Auction, as I believe it is located in North Carolina. I am not sure if they specialize in Picasso prints, but hopefully they have an expert available who can further assist you in person.

Best of luck!

Andrew Evans

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