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i am attaching the following image for your review from last week.

i have a 5x7 print of a little girl with bonnet on with red hair at the top of print it has  renior the print feel,s smooth to touch it does not seem to ever came with a glass in frame on the back it has got a sticker with the words the denver 5w d 622 is this a early print and does it have any value i can not find any like it on the internet thank you

Following is the reason:

Hello Bud,

I would be happy to assist, but will need to see an image to know more. Is there any way that you can attach an image for further review?


Andrew Evans

Hello Bud,

This work is not listed in the catalogue raisonne of Renoir's printed works and bears no resemblance to his original prints as seen on the link below:

For this reason, I believe this work to be a reproduction with decorative value only.  While I do not specialize in decorative prints, I can perhaps recommend browsing ebay for a general idea of value, as many works such as this are often listed for sale on ebay.

I wish you the best of luck in your search and hope that this information can be of some assistance.

Best Regards,

Andrew Evans

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