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German Etching  
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QUESTION: "I have a 36" x 36" original abstract paining on canvas which is an abstract piece in bright orange, yellow, and black which appears to be from the 60's r 70's and it is signed GILBERT in block letters but i cannot figure out who this is or what it may be worth. I also have two etchings from the 1920's of a German town but i cannot read the signature is there a way for me to submit pictures??? Thank you"

ANSWER: Scott,

The two etchings of the German town are done in the style of expressionism so I looked in the  reference books I have for expressionists but nothing really matched the color scheme or strokes of the works. I did a Google search for German expressionism  to see if any similar works would appear but nothing too similar showed up, so you might just want to search for different expressionist topics to see if maybe a similar work appears by an artist. In regards to the Gilbert abstract work, I was unable to locate an artist with the name of Gilbert whose style matched this work. There is an abstract artist named Gilbert Swimberghe, but his works are focused on shapes with sharp edges and he uses a vastly different color palate so that unfortunately is not the artist. I would recommend taking the works to a local auction gallery or museum that will be able to identify them, or even submitting photos to Bonham's or Sotheby's for identification where they have specialists especially if the signature is difficult to discern. Hopefully that helps.

Andrew Evans

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QUESTION: do they charge to research the art even if I'm planning to sell them and would even probably use them to sell if they were interested?

Each auction house works differently, but I have not heard of any that charge for such information as they would ideally like you to sell the work with them so it is usually a service they offer for free so you can see how they work and get to know them before committing. They usually have a dedicated day per week that individuals can come in with works and then there are staff available to help determine information and value. The dates should be listed on their website if you have a local action house near you, or you can even contact a local gallery or antique dealer to take a look in person, as they should also provide such services for free. It is what's called an Appraisal that costs money which is a certified document attesting to the value of the work, but if you just clarify you would only like an estimate as to the value, you should be fine.

Andrew Evans

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