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I just purchased what I believe to be an authentic Norman Rockwell signed print.  It is nicely framed, 10"x26" signed in the lower right corner.  It has a print documentation certificate from the publisher named in a previous question to you. (see below)

My aunt gave me a signed print 29/100, signed by Marc Chagall in pencil in the lower right-hand corner.  On the back is a certif. of authentication from Patrician Publications, Inc. signed by Riv or Ren? Herbertson, Jr. 20931 Nordhoff St. Chatsworth, Calif. 91311.   I can't find them online.  The title of the art is "Isle of St. Louis."  I can't find that work anywhere?  Is this Mr. Chagall's work or not?  I would appreciate your telling me.  Thank you for your time.  Suzie

The only difference is that my certificate is signed by a G Darl(maybe-it is hard to read as it is hand signed).  It was printed by an Elliott Lithographers in Southern California. It does indicate "Plate Signed" and a printing date of 1975.

I paid $7.40 at a local Goodwill for it.  The Norman Rockwell Museum indicates a $2,000.00 value.  How can I verify if this is an authentic signed print?

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"Plate signed" means the artist scratched their name into the metal etching plate that then produced the print which means the work is not hand-signed by Rockwell, so the value is unfortunately not $2,000. I did some research and Elliott Lithographers is now known as J.R. Elliot, but at the time they were the printing company that Rockwell choose to produce the works for him. Prints such as these will usually have edition numbers on them (usually the lower left side or even on the certificate) that specify only a limited amount were made, however it sounds like that is not the case with yours. I tried looking up what a Darl's relation was to Rockwell but nothing came up. However as he signed the certificate that means he must have been a gallery owner who sold the work at one point. I am unfamiliar with the Rockwell market or his printing process so please feel free to contact this place I found online called Art Experts that specialize in Norman Rockwell authentication as it sounds like that is what you like to have done to the work.  

Art Experts
Phone: 1-212-203-7833

Hopefully that information helps and good luck.

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