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Fine Art/Painting from A. DeVity (48x24) with frame


The painting
The painting  

Signature et stamp on the back
Signature et stamp on  
I have a painting that I found in the garbage for witch I'm trying to get more information. I found on the net that the Artist A. DeVity has opened an Art Gallery and that he's been imitated by a Chinese company in the days and I would like to know if it is a real DeVity painting,

I find this painting so fantastic, with all the bright colors and it seems to be from the 50's maybe further looking at the clothing the people are wearing, the Eiffel Tower in the background makes me think it might be a Paris view.

I also would like to know if it is the father or the son that painted it (if it is original, around what time it was made. About anything would be appreciated because there is not much information on the net.

If you could be king enough to give me more information I would appreciate a lot. I also would like to say I'm sorry for any misspelling or mistake in my writing, I'm a french so it might happen.

Thanks so much for reading me!

Good day!



Antonio Devity the Elder and his son are not artists I am familiar with but in looking online it appears most of his works are either called Parisian Scene or Parisian Street with numbers accompanying them and they seem to sell at auction between $100-$500. I was not able to locate your particular work but at it appears that the photo of the stamp you attached is what they label as a type-5 studio stamp that accompanies an official registration stamp (for both the US and Italian trademark offices) directly below the studio stamp which means it is not a Chinese forgery.

I was also able to locate by searching online Paul Kelly Fine Art which specializes in Antonio Devity art so you might want to email them photos of your work asking for their opinion as to the authenticity. Their email address is

Hopefully that information is helpful and good luck in your search.

Andrew Evans  

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