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Fine Art/Walter Clark(1848-1917) Pastels Landscape Painting


QUESTION: Have this pastels painting by Walter Clark. It's about 14" x 10" without the frame. I pretty much found quite a lot of information on him but could not find a market to sell it. Any idea if his work is sought among collectors and how to handle the selling of the piece? I've tried with Ebay but no interest there.

More pics can be found here:

thanks in advance!

ANSWER: Dear Georgi,

I believe one of the reasons you have been experiencing problems with the sale of this lovely pastel is the confusion whether this piece is by Walter or his son Eliot. The signature on front is Walter's, yet a photo of the back of the piece states it is by his son Eliot. This may be as confusing to collectors as it is to me; and cause enough concern to not proceed to purchase. I have seen your posts online with your own concern.
I see that you are in Virginia. I suggest you find a "local" auction house that carries fine art and get their opinion on the piece. They may also be the best resource for selling it on the secondary market. The home of an artist often has collectors interested in regional artists. I checked auction houses that have carried the work of Walter Clark and there is one in D.C.: Weschler's
909 E St Nw
20004 Washington DC
I hope this information is helpful.
Kind regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the reply. I will try to contact a local house. I don't think that someone should be confused with the names. If you go in the photobacket album you can see two other pictures with the vesro of the paper. It is signed with "walter cark"( I opened the frame after I expressed mine concerns online and saw the extra signatures) The front is signed with W.C. which makes a lot of sense. His son's name is only on the backing pad and I believe it was put there by him. From what I found out he had a lot of his fathers art in his estate.
I am describing everything pretty clear when try to sell online but it just it does not move. I know the market is down but the first time I tried on Ebay with starting price $99(and reserve)and nobody bid and even cared to asked about the reserve.
Anyway, I think that Ebay sometimes is not the right place for some items. Will try to push there few more times and find a local market.
Thanks again and you have a good one!

P.S. I have another painting I need to ID but will send it in another request.

Dear Georgi,

Ebay is a tough market for art sales especially if you are an occasional seller. They have a ranking system of promoting items based on points that place individual works by unrated sellers at the back end of any searches. Someone would need to be searching specifically for Walter Clark in order to find your drawing. Try listing it at fixed price for 30 days at the price you want for it. This will give it time to be seen by possible collectors and for the key words to be picked up by Google and the other search engines. If you decide to try auction again start it at a price you are willing to let it go and do not use reserve. Buyers do not like reserve auctions and will tend not to bid. I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards,

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