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I have an Autumn Scene with a river running through it and mountains in the background.  It is  signed only as  Barry.  It is on canvas measuring 4' x 2' and in an oak frame.  Can you tell me the artist's full name and if his/her paintings have any value?
I have attached a picture of the Scene and a close-up of the signature as well.

I researched the work and unfortunately could not locate the artist. The closest landscape artist I could find that matched the texture and style was a man named William Barry, but the signatures are not the same and the painting strokes/style are not the same pattern. I would suggest taking the work to an auction house as they have experts at your disposal and not only would be able to tell you the artist but also the value. Or another option is just browsing through images online of landscape paintings until you find one that's in a striking similar pattern and going from there. Hopefully that helps.

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