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Degas Cert
Degas Cert  
I made an impulse buy on an Edgar Degas lithograph; 'Manet standing', it's in excellent condition and I like it very much.
But since we purchased it in an auction featuring 'gov't seized' items, we are a little anxious if we over-spent.
The 'certification' appears to be in order, but we are neophytes at this at hope that we didn't get rooked.
Attached is the certification page...could you please tell us the relative value of such an item?
It is number 236 out of 250 of the 1923 portfolio of Henri Riviere, Les Dessins de Degas.
Oh, and could you recommend an appraiser for insurance purposes, if you think we need one?!

Works from the "Les Dessins de Degas portfolio" sell at auction today for $400-$1,300 depending on condition and image portrayed. I could not find comps for your particular work but it is a rather well known image by Degas. The portfolio was published by Demotte, Paris, Henri Riviere, Paris in a limited edition of 250 copies, consisting of two series of 50 facsimiles each, dated 1922 and 1923. There is a Henri Riviere blindstamp in the lower margin and the works are signed in the plate.

In regards to an appraiser as the work is not hand-signed I would not spend the money on one. You have a certificate which is wonderfully detailed and will help you in reselling, if and when you decide to. However if you decide you would like one, I would do an internet search for fine art appraisers near your location in New York and take the work into them. They will charge a fee which unfortunately varies from person to person, so you might want to shop around until you find someone your comfortable with. Hopefully that helps.

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