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Front of Print
Front of Print  

Close-up of Signature
Close-up of Signature  
I was cleaning out an old house to renovate recently with my friend and he was going to throw out old paintings and pictures. I told him not to and that I would take them. The people who lived there previously seemed to have money since we found bank books dated 1956 with numerous deposits of 10's of thousands of dollars. (I have signed painting from 1907, 1941, etc. from different artists I can't read the names of, and I don't know if they have any value either. I will post them shortly.)

I found what looks like a print, photo, etching? by Samuel Edmund Waller signed S.E. Waller and dated 1883. The signature looks authentic as far as I can tell thru the glass. You will notice in the picture of the signature that the line separating the signature and year seems to fade slightly/have small gaps in the ink of the signature as does the the letter r in Waller and the number 8 in the year. Under a magnifying glass it appears to be an ink signature that is all the same color (ink) and you are able to see the paper seeping thru where the ink didn't go into the paper all the way. The glass is clean at the signature but the signature is tiny. There does not appear to be a number donating 1st or 10th print of X number of prints or anything like that. (P.S. The frame is filthy and I am not cleaning it for obvious reasons. This is the condition I found it in.)

Is this worth anything?

Thanks for your time

Dear Scott,

The work you have is a reproduction. It is an etching by Samuel Edmund Waller titled,"The Day of Reckoning" and is based off an original watercolor and gouache made in 1883 that sold for $22,000 in 2010. Your exact print sold for $15 in 2004 from a place called ANN & CO. so it is unfortunately not worth a lot. Most likely is was published in 1884 and is signed in the plate. If the work was hand-signed it would be in the margins. Hopefully that helps.

Andrew Evans  

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