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Mr. Evans,
When my wife's aunt passed about ten years ago we stored most of her belongings above our garage.  I finally began going through everything and discarding the junk.  Came across a Picasso reproduction, "Before the Thrust".  The frame is a MA108 if this means anything.  This was purchased from Catalda Fine Arts in New York.  Aunt Nance was a very heavy smoker, this is what killed her.  Everything is yellowed and dirty.  Do you think it is worth having this item professionally cleaned?  I have no idea of its original cost or when it was purchased.
Thank you,
Jim Lombardo

Dear Jim,

As Catalda Fine Art produced reproductions of famous paintings or paintings by famous artists during the mid-twentieth century, the work only has decorative value (no real collectible value).

The values can vary on these Catalda works based on factors such as the desirability of the image, the artist, size, condition, and framing. They tend to range from $50 to $200 if the work is in excellent condition and nicely framed. However the condition as you mentioned is an issue and having the work professionally cleaned will most likely cost more than it is worth, so it is not worth having it professionally cleaned, but the decision lies with you. I hope that this information can be of some assistance.

Andrew Evans  

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