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JFK at 10-yr old/POADB
JFK at 10-yr old/POADB  
Salvador Dali admired John F. Kennedy quite a bit. He is well know for his paper clips bust of JFK, but I heard that he used JFK's likeness to portray his dead brother in his "Portrait of a Dead Brother painted in 1963. Sadly, President Kennedy was assassinated after Dali did his painting which adds a creepiness to it. I do not think Dali ever acknowledged he represented his toddler brother as JFK as a 10-yr old boy. There is quite a resemblance in the link below.  Is there any truth to this?

Dear George,

I've never heard of that story in regards to this work. I was under the impression that he made the image in his own likeness, as Dali was born nine months after his brother's passing and was told by his parents that he was his brother's reincarnation. However an artist could have many inspirations for a work so it's always possible, but not what is currently accepted in regards to the artwork. Andrew Evans  

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