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Hello Andrew,
I have what appears to be a pretty old print framed by Catalda that says "SA 627" on the label. I can't find an artist name on the print but on the back under the paper, it's written "209 pink vel + D485 ENr (?) G.R.R./old art" order no 2007/6 date 9/25. It's a beautiful picture of two young women in period attire sitting under a tree. I'm so curious who the artist may be, its value and whether there might be an interest in it.

I'm very grateful for any information on it.

Thank you!!

Dear Alisa,

The work is a reproduction of "In the Meadow" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Catalda Fine Arts produced reproductions of famous paintings or paintings by famous artists during the mid-twentieth century. It has only decorative value (no real collectible value) which depends on how much someone is willing to pay for it. Andrew Evans  

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