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Georges Braque print
Georges Braque print  

Georges Braque print detail
Georges Braque print d  
I own a Georges Braque print that I been unable to find any information on. I believe it was done in 1952 and used for the book cover art: Verve: Artistic and literary journal, Vol. VII, Nos. 27 and 28 / director Tériade
Lithographs by Braque, Matisse, Miro, Chagall, Giacometti, and others.  

Would love to know the title of this work, year it was done, category or period it falls in anything you could share.

Thank you,
Keith Keller

Dear Keith,

Your work is a lithograph that was created in 1952, as Braque specifically created it for the publication. Usually these types of artworks would accompany poems or stories by famous writers and were therefore untitled. As it is the image from the frontispiece of the publication, but does not feature the Verve underneath or a hand-signature by Braque, the work is not a proof or limited edition printing of the work that was done by Mourlot for this printing, but rather a reproduction most likely used for promotional purposes to promote the double issue.

Apparently in doing research there were two other works by him in the publication, but also no names are given, and I did find a similar listing for your work here:  which did not sell at auction as these are not highly collectable works. This is because the works of art printed by Tériade in Verve never appeared in pencil signed and limited editions, and most were published in numbers of 2,500 or less making them widely accessible. If you'd like to see the accompanying frontispiece to this double issue that is hand signed please feel free to check out this link: .  Andrew Evans

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