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Jewish Bride
Jewish Bride  

Jewish Bride
Jewish Bride  
I have five Rembrandt etchings on 19th Century laid folio sized paper with clear Arches watermark, each with crisp lines and wide margins.  The titles are stamped in French in the lower right by the French Publisher, and there are number notations in pencil. These are not the exact titles, but they are a study for the Great Jewish Bride; a study of an Old Man; a self-portrait with a hat; Jesus preaching to the Doctors; and the Holy Family. I have attached an image of the Jewish Bride; all the others are configured on the page in the same way.

The images themselves range in size from 2" x 1.75" inches (the self-portrait w/hat) to 4.5" x 5.25" (Mary, Joseph), but all of the folio sheets are 18.5 H x 13 W. I have provided one photo of the full page. The correct titles of the etchings are all provided on the bottom right in French, with various numbers in pencil.

The images are all really beautiful quality, with great detail and subtly of line, and no heavy inking.

These were purchased by my mother many years ago, and were never appraised or evaluated. But they are certainly not the part of the "Millennium" edition that are out there in large numbers, nor are they Durand copies.

I am interested in getting them legitimately evaluated, and appraised. I know there are tons of Rembrandt etchings around, and many people who hold themselves out as Rembrandt experts, but are really only marketers.  I do know that these are certainly not the part of the recent "Millennium" edition that are out there in large numbers, nor are they Durand copies

I would be very appreciative if you could give some information, and/or direct me to an appropriate source for further evaluation.

Dear Pamela,

When it comes to appraisers you do not need to go to a "Rembrandt expert" by any means. What you want to do is go to a qualified appraiser that is certified through an appraisal organization and operates under the Universal Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. One that is hopefully located near you can be found here at the American Society of Appraisers: . How a proper appraisal works if they know their stuff is they will do the research on your behalf and come back with a number, so it does not necessarily need to be someone who deals in Rembrandt.

In regards to your Rembrandt, you are right in that the works are not "Millennium" impressions as only eight impressions were pulled from the surviving plates and the image you attached is not one of those impressions. I thought it might be from a portfolio, maybe an early catalog rasionee of some sort but it does not fit.

In regards to afterworks of Rembrandt, Durand is the most famous, however his style is distinct and in regards to the time period you believe, it could be a Bernard Impression which were printed from 1846-1906 (father and son team who were French) or Alvin Beaumond(also known as Beaumont) who purchased them from Michel Bernard in 1906 and printed his own series of impressions. Neither of which I could find an example of online, but I would suggest finding a qualified appraiser and going from there as it sounds like you've done your research which is great. Best of luck. Andrew Evans  

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