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Seaver painting
Seaver painting  
"I have an original robert simon painting of Tom Seaver that I bought when I was a teenager back in the mid 70's it was autographed by Tom Seaver himself and Mr Seaver said at the time it was the most impressive thing he had ever autographed.
 The painting is in excellent condition and unframed. Does this painting hold any value and if so what is the easiest way to sell?"

Dear Scott,

This is outside of my expertise but in doing research I could find no auction records for Robert Simon which means there is not a large collectors base for his work. In doing research on Tom Seaver, I can tell you his autograph (when it sells) sells for around $30-$35 but that is on baseball memorabilia so I am unsure how that would translate over into art. What I would suggest is taking the work to a sports memorabilia shop and getting it appraised to generate the current worth of the work then selling it.

In regards to selling the work, there are several easy options which depends on your comfort level and how fast you want to sell it. First, you can find a Fine Art Dealer to buy the work from you, or sell it for you on consignment:

> List of Fine Art Dealers and Appraisers:

Second, you can sell it online yourself through sites such as eBay or Art Brokerage:

>Art Brokerage

There is also the possibility of an auction house but that takes more time and they take a portion of the sales whereas if you do the other methods the money is yours, it simply depends on how much energy and effort you want to put into it. Best of luck. Andrew Evans.  

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