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Blur ballerina
Blur ballerina  

The star
The star  
I purchased 2 very old prints in very old frames with paper backing - basically undisturbed.  Though I am not sure if they are lithographs, poichors or something else.  Both prints seems extensively to be worked as one can see the handstrokes.   One print has a clear signature of Degas.  The signature sits on top of the paper in a crayon form.  I have a 30X Lupa and there are no dot matrix.  The colors and signature are textured in nature.

Behind each frame it has a stamp of Fine Art Picture and Framing John Wanamaker and each print has a written order number.

Size of each print is 12 X 14.   One print is a light blue ballerina sitting down rubbing her legs.  The other is the famous ballerina "the star"  reaching out on stage as people in the background watch.  Beautiful colors on each.  The prints have the ridged marks surrounding the frame as if pressed.   Each print is in very fine condition.   Signature of Degas is clear on one of them.   I did a quick Internet search on John Wanamaker and he was a self made millionaire.   He travelled much to Paris and purchased clothing and art for his store back in the US.

Happy to send picture if possible.  Do I have a lithograph or painted etching?  Is the lithograph original to Degas or reproductions?  Even if reproductions.. truly very nice prints
Thank you for any information

Dear Rafael,

From your descriptions and the photos it appears they are reproductions. The bottom has been filled in with pencil and the top does appear to be paint, but I have not come across anything like them before in regards to Degas, so I'm afraid I cannot be of more assistance. Andrew Evans

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