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Kokoschka Painting
Kokoschka Painting  

Greetings. Do you think this watercolor is by Oscar Kokoschka?

Dear Susan,

Oscar Kokoschka is not an artist I am familiar with, but in doing research the signature does not quite match the examples I've found. Here is a page that features a lot of his art: . However I can see how the floral scene fits in with his oeuvre rather nicely.  

I did find that there is a cataloge rasionee of Oscar Kokoschka's works by J. Winkler and Katharina Erli which might be worth checking out if you can access it. Otherwise the place to contact it looks like would be a gallery called Spaightwood Galleries, Inc. ( who appear to have an extensive knowledge of his works. Those would be your best bets on having a definitive answer, as I cannot say. I hope that this information can be of some assistance. Andrew Evans  

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