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QUESTION: Have Whistler Print of Caprice #346 from Lesch Fine Art and what is value.  Perfect condition.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear Yvonne,

Rudolf Lesch Fine Arts was a publisher of mass-produced art reproductions, so the work is most likely a reproduction worth decorative value. As every Rudolf Lesch Fine Arts print was coded (like a product number), the #346 could be the product number. Andrew Evans

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QUESTION: Dear Andrew Evans,

Thanking you so much for answering...
Granted, I anticipated that it was of decorative value so what is the value?

Metivier, and old woman on the Oneida Reservation

Dear Yvonne,

"Decorative value" is a way of saying it has no real market value and is simply worth what someone is willing to pay for it, so I unfortunately cannot provide you with a value because it has none that I could find. Best of luck. Andrew Evans

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