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I have one drawing that is done with pencil and what appears to be black magic marker. Its a profile of a girl sitting with knees up indicating she is sitting on the ground. Standing on her knees is a yellow bird facing the girl and is the only color accept for some brown shadowing on the girls leg. The figures are so simple to include simple outline of each with a black dot for the birds eye, and a line with an upside down triangle on the girl. her hair is outlined in a straight rigid line and hair filled in with all pencil over the black marker.Her profile reminds me of the Mona Lisa.The signature is a red monogram that is a square that has what looks to be two leaves inside of it. Its matted in white and framed with a Merrill Chase sticker on the back. The other drawing I have has the same monogram located bottom right. It has an all black backround with a little japanese girl kneeling on the ground wearing a papoose with both arms raised and hands holding a hair bun on the top of her head. Simple black lines are drawn for eyes, nose, and mouth. It looks like her clothing, hair, and face have been scratched out from the black revealing her image that is a tan color from her hair to her knees. There are two oversized white flowers on the left, and three on the right. They also appear to be scratched out from the black backround, and have tan stems. Its also matted with a tan mat resembling grasscloth. Do you have any idea whom the artist could be or where in South Suburban Illinos about half an hour from Downtown Chicago. Unfortunately, I don't have a phone or camera to take pictures

Dear Susan,

I am not familiar with the artist from the signature you described but there should be auction houses located near you in Chicago if you do an internet search with your postal code. You should be able to take the items to any of them in person for evaluations and receive the answers you are looking for. Hopefully that helps.

Andrew Evans

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