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QUESTION: Hello Andrew,

I just came across a Divan Japonais it is roughly 24"W X 31" L. On the lower right corner it has the letters IMP.EDW. Ancour Paris On the backing the numbers in bold are 6538 and under that there is a Certificate of Authentication. On the lower left there is a decal from the A.P.F Inc Framemakers & Conservators 601 west26 street showroom35 East 76 Street At the Carlyle. Would you have any info on the work of art?

Thank You
Chuck Bognanni

ANSWER: Dear Chuck,

What I can tell you from the information you provided is IMP stands for impression and Ancourt Paris is the printing firm that created most of Toulouse-Lautrec's posters. What's represented in the image is Divan Japonais, a café-concert in Paris that Toulouse-Lautrec enjoyed. He created this work advertising the nightspot, and it features two of his favorite stars, Yvette Guilbert and Jane Avril. Avril sits in the foreground with Édouard Dujardin, a writer and in the upper left corner, on the stage, is the headless body of Guilbert. It is a beautiful work that he originally created in 1892–93. Hopefully the information was helpful. Andrew Evans

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QUESTION: Hello Andrew,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. One more thing if I may ask. With the information I provided is there any way of determining the age of this piece? I was helping a friend that owns a clean out business and this piece came out of a house where an elderly woman had lived for over 60 plus years.

Thanks Again

Dear Chuck,

Regarding the printing date, you can take the work to a local auction house or gallery where someone can view the work in person which will give you not only the age but value of the work as well. If one is not available near you, I do know of an art gallery, Masterworks Fine Art, that deals in Toulouse-Lautrec and I believe you can email them hi-res photos of your work and they should be able to get back to you with at least a value if that is what you are really aiming for. Best of luck.
Andrew Evans

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