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Hello Stuart,

I am attaching a couple of pictures of an oil painting on canvas I purchased in an antique store as just a nice painting.  It came from an estate in New Hampshire and I had it shipped home.  I noticed it had a very old art gallery label attached to the back that is original to the painting that says "J.D. Gill Springfield Mass". I love to research anything old and did considerable work and found J.D. Gill was a very important art dealer in New England and all the most famous artists of the 19th and early 20th century exhibited with him and he even knew a great many of the artists.It looks to be a painting of the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in the lower left there is a signature " C.L. "  I have narrowed my choices down as the signature looks a lot like Clinton Loveridge who was a known painter in the White Mountains, though he painted livestock most of the time, he did paintings without them.  This painting is "12 x 21" and I think quite nice. The picture of the label on the back shows tape on it , but the label was disintegrating so I put some acid free tape on it to keep it on the painting  and from turning to dust. Also, it didn't have a frame so I framed it. I would appreciate your opinion of it and any ideas on how to authenticate it?  What would you think it might be worth?  I am so glad to get to write as I have wanted to ask since last year.  Thank you in advance for your opinion.

Terrific find! I would say you have done most of the legwork, and that it is highly likely you have a Clinton Loveridge. Perhaps a view near Franconia Notch?  Yes, JD Gill is well known, the first major dealer of American landscape art. Gill hosted exhibitions from the 1870s into the 1890s, and would have included almost all the best contemporary artists at the time.  Loveridge, from nearby Albany, would have very likely been exhibited or represented by this dealer.  

Loveridge comes to public auction not infrequently, so I feel pretty confident putting your picture in a range of $1,500-$2,000 if it is indeed a Loveridge, and of course, depending on overall condition. Loveridge's signature is a pretty simple, blocky all-caps, "C. LOVERIDGE" most often, though entirely possible he shortened it here. I won't send you any bio of Loveridge, as it is easy enough to find.

Well done! Enjoy your 19th century picture!

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