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Chagall Isle of St Louis
Chagall Isle of St Lou  
QUESTION: I am in desperate need of selling this print as I was recently laid off and my husband is disabled. Can you please let me know it's value?

ANSWER: Dear Carol,

Hand-signed color lithograph editions of "Ile Saint-Louis", 1959 (M. 225) have sold most recently at auction for around $9,000-$9,500 (that's the hammer price without the taxes/fees etc which are added on later falsely inflating the value). Here is a link to one of the auction listings: It looks like however from your photo that there may be some type of damage inside to the mat from water or maybe condensation so you will need to make sure that it has not affected the work itself.

Depending on how you plan to sell the work, I can suggest for selling quickly due to the situation you mentioned, that you try a private gallery. They will want to verify the authenticity of the work which means seeing it person unframed, but they will give you the money in one sum in a quick transaction. I am not sure where you are located, but I am familiar with a gallery that is quite dominant in the art world for it's Chagall collection and does purchase from private collectors. There name is Masterworks Fine Art ( and I am not sure what they will offer you, as every person and business is different, but there are also the routes of selling online and to an auction house as well. Hopefully that is helpful and I wish you the best of luck in selling the work as it is quite stunning. Andrew Evans

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Chaim Gross
Chaim Gross  
QUESTION: Dear Andrew,

My husband and I were in tears when we received your response!  Thank you so very much!  Under the circumstances I am going to attempt to sell it ASAP. I live near downtown Los Angeles so any leads would be appreciated.  I Aldo have a Chaim Gross lithograph that I have to sell.  I don't know if you are familiar with his work but I have attached some pics.  It is signed and numbered 31/100. Thanks again Andrew you are truly an angel!  Carol

Dear Carol,

I'm glad I was able to be of assistance, and I'm going to keep you a little grounded by reminding you that the gallery will still need to authenticate the work by verifying the signature and edition, which means the mats need to come off so the margins can be exposed on the bottom where the signature and edition should be located and done in pencil. In regards to selling the work I don't particularly feel comfortable directing you towards one place or another near you as I'm not sure who is actively acquiring, however I can provide you with some tips and let you know that the best way to proceed is to do an internet search surrounding galleries that feature Chagall and then contacting them to see if they are interested in purchasing your work. The gallery does not necessarily need to be located near you as they will help you arrange shipping, etc. if they are located further away and oftentimes the most helpful of galleries are out of the big cities. For tips on selling your work it is about being comfortable, trusting your instinct, and to never be intimidated. In addition you should always consider getting multiple offers on your artwork to make the most out of your investment.

As far as your Chaim Gross is concerned, he is outside of my knowledge base, but in doing some research the lithograph you attached has sold previously for $75 at auction. I could not find a title for the work but Gross does not seem to be a popular artist as a majority of his works remain unsold at auction. Best of luck. Andrew Evans  

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