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dove of peace
dove of peace  
Found a Picasso in my garage that I bought years ago because I liked the frame (professionally framed). Didn't realize it was a Picasso. I googled it, it appears to be a Dove of Peace, but what seems different is that all the online images show a different signature (with a line under it) this one does not have a line under his name. Size is approximately 4x6 on matte paper.

Can you please tell me why this print might be slightly different (very minor details appear different from the ones online (some "spots" are colored differently than the images online) and some "lines" that are one continuous line on the images are split in two (as if it wasn't "inked" properly).

I also wanted to know why the underline was missing under the signature since ALL images of Picasso online seem to have the underline under his name...

Dear Carla,

What you have is most likely a promotion card that was published based on the original lithograph to promote Picasso's message of peace, whether it was for a museum or organization I cannot say. The facsimile signed lithograph your work is based off of is actually 19 in. x 36 in. so your work is quite small in comparison. In regards to the changes in printing, that is left to the publisher of your card who had the rights to change the colors and in regards to the facsimile signature, there could have been an aesthetic reason for removing the line below the signature as the print is so small. However since the work is not hand-signed, the lack of a line has no effect on the value, which is unfortunately no resell value in the art market. Hopefully that helps. Andrew Evans.  

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